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Leadership FAQ's #01
EAP - Leadership FAQ's

Employee Wellness: Reducing Turnover – Boosting Retention & Happiness

How can Employee Wellness Programs contribute to employee retention and reduce turnover rates? Employee retention is a critical challenge for organizations across all industries. High employee turnover rates can have significant financial and organizational impacts, including increased recruitment and training costs, decreased productivity, and reduced employee morale. Therefore, companies are continually exploring new ways to […]

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Trends in Mental Health & Wellness
Mental Health & Wellness

Emerging Global Trends related to Mental Health & Wellness

Although mental health and wellness have been important aspects of one’s life, the required action has not been coming forth. Over the years, at a global level, much work has been done in this regard. However, in India people do not consider it as important and tend to shy away from the topic. The recent […]

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Our Holistic Wellness is within our reach!
Emotional Wellness Environmental Wellness Financial Wellness Intellectual Wellness Mental Health & Wellness Occupational Wellness Physical Wellness Social Wellness Spiritual Wellness

Your Holistic Wellness is within your reach.

Over time, we have shared many inputs and insights on the importance of mental health and how it affects holistic wellness – through the 8 dimensions of wellness. The crux of the matter is that despite being aware and understanding the various aspects that influence our Holistic Wellness, we still choose to be complacent and […]

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Holistic Wellness & Mental Health
Mental Health & Wellness

Is Mental Health the same as a Mental Problem?

We often hear the terms ‘Mental Health’ and ‘Mental problem’. Although they vastly differ in their meaning, many people tend to confuse them with one another and use them as a substitute for each other. It is inappropriate, and therefore, it is very essential to understand the meaning of these terms to enable their use […]

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Wellness in Academic Institutions
Academic Mental Health & Wellness

Should Holistic Wellness be a part of the curriculum in Colleges?

Importance of Holistic Wellness in University & College curriculum. As we have been mentioning all along, mental health and Holistic Wellness is essential for everyone. Our last discussion was on how Holistic Wellness is important for schoolchildren and hence the need for them to start young to equip themselves to handle life in a better […]

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Academic Mental Health & Wellness

Importance of imparting knowledge about Holistic Wellness in schools.

As we continue our Wellness journey and share inputs on various aspects of Holistic Wellness comprising eight (8) Dimensions, it is equally important to understand how and when they affect different cross-sections of society. We all are aware that these dimensions affect everyone. However, do these dimensions affect them at the same time with the […]

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Mental Health & Wellness Spiritual Wellness

How to achieve peace of mind for your Mental Health & Wellness.

The last dimension is something which we all crave. We all talk about it very loosely without understanding how to achieve it. We just mention it and then forget about it and choose not to do anything about it. It remains like an unfulfilled wish or dream. This majorly affects our Mental Health and Wellness! […]

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Intellectual Wellness Mental Health & Wellness

Intellectual Wellness for your Professional & Personal Growth.

As we continue to tread the path of Mental Health & Wellness, let us take a break to discuss and uncover an extremely essential, but neglected area in our lives. While most of us tend to carry on with our daily routine with endless monotony in a self-created and self-accepted robotic way, we also complain about […]

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Environmental Wellness Mental Health & Wellness

How you manage the Environment around you has an effect on your Mental Health & Wellness.

Over the past few weeks, we have talked about some of the aspects, which affect our Mental Health and Wellness and related tips to handle them. Along with the tips, it is essential to practice them diligently and with the required periodicity, or else you will not achieve the desired results. Hope you have started […]

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Financial Wellness Mental Health & Wellness

Mental Health & Financial Wellness

Mental Health & Wellness is the buzzword today with almost 90%+ organisations already having some sort of Employee Wellness program in place. In a majority of cases, these programs are more prescriptive with most focussing on maintaining physical health through diet control programs, fitness exercises, and consultations with qualified counsellors in case of any emotional disturbances. […]

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Mental Health & Wellness Occupational Wellness

How does your Career affect your Wellness?

As we continue on our series of articles on Mental Health & Wellness, there is a dire need of becoming aware of the root causes that lead to stress and anxiety. It is important to take steps to minimise them before they become full-blown problems requiring external help. In this article, let us examine the role […]

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Mental Health & Wellness Social Wellness

Your Social Relationships & Your Holistic Wellness.

In our series of articles on Mental Health & Wellness, we are going to explore yet another essential aspect, which affects us in a big way. At times, we may not even realise the significance of this aspect and may tend to ignore it. However, consciously or unconsciously, it has a far-reaching impact on the […]

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Mental Health & Wellness Physical Wellness

The Impact Of Your Physical Health On Your Mental Health & Wellness

As discussed in our earlier editions on Mental Health and Wellness, there are various aspects, which affect them. We have talked about some of the aspects over the past weeks, and today, we shall talk about yet another extremely important one. Although we all long for it, and at times may take small measures to achieve […]

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Emotional Wellness Mental Health & Wellness

How to manage your Emotional Wellness for your continued happiness and success.

It has been a pleasure sharing details on aspects pertaining to your Mental Health & Wellness. Today, we will share a few insights on a very important and critical aspect of your life. Although we do not neglect this aspect, when we face problems related to it, we are at a loss as to how to […]

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Mental Health & Wellness

The Rise Of The Chief Wellness Officer.

Just like technology, human resources, physical assets, and intellectual & financial resources are a company’s assets, happiness is also a corporate asset.  It is a potential and dynamic resource that can be measured and appropriately leveraged. So, if you can have a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Intelligence Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer, and Chief Financial Officer – Why not […]

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