Should Holistic Wellness be a part of the curriculum in Colleges?

Wellness in Academic Institutions
Holistic Wellness in Academic Institutions

Importance of Holistic Wellness in University & College curriculum.

As we have been mentioning all along, mental health and Holistic Wellness is essential for everyone. Our last discussion was on how Holistic Wellness is important for schoolchildren and hence the need for them to start young to equip themselves to handle life in a better manner.

Why teach Holistic Wellness in Universities?

Now, the next phase is college/University. When students step into college life, they experience a sense of freedom without the pressure of someone constantly monitoring them. However, they do not realise the implications of this significant change.

The absence of a smooth transition from school to college and initial handholding in an almost alien environment could lead to anxiety and stress and they may not even be aware of the reasons and aspects causing them. Therefore, they need to be aware of these aspects affecting them and develop the relevant skills to handle them for better academic performance and overall well-being.

As mentioned earlier, all these aspects known as the dimensions of wellness are important; however, the level of importance and need will vary at different stages of a student’s life. Therefore, it is essential for them to learn about these dimensions so that every student is able to identify which dimension is a priority and address that need accordingly and in a timely manner.

The need for a particular wellness dimension can be because of various factors – anxiety and stress, physical health, dealing with people and relationships, gaining adequate knowledge, etc. Added to these is the academic pressure of doing well for good results, getting admission of their choice for future studies, and so on.

Initiative and Responsibility

They would need to learn the art of taking initiative and responsibility, shedding their inhibitions and making decisions, practising patience, compassion, gratitude, etc. along with learning the value of money.

They encounter real-life situations – like meeting the expectations of their family, general anxiety of handling academic sessions amidst stiff competition, completing their assignments and tutorials in a timely manner, the tendency of society to make comparisons, bullying, financial constraints, societal disparities, health conditions, hostel accommodation and roommates (wherever applicable), undesirable habits, depression, etc.

The lockdown situation, switching from offline to online and back to offline, has made things worse. To enable them to handle the above conditions, they need to build their mental and physical resilience.


During their college life, they may also need a mentor/ guide who would be able to steer them on the right path towards their desired goals.

When they are about to complete their graduation, new challenges like suitable placements for job opportunities, providing support to their family, options for further studies, absence of required employability skills, mismatch of curriculum vis-a-vis the job market, and so on could increase their anxiety and stress levels even further. 

Handling Distractions

Social media and other distractions have influenced all in many ways – both positive and negative. They have become an addiction for the youth of today and it is important to teach them how to maintain a balance among various aspects of their life so that none of them gets adversely affected.

Else, it may have a major impact on their self-respect and self-esteem, mental health and holistic wellness.

Amidst all the above-mentioned challenges and pressures, students can ignore the importance of their own Holistic Wellness. Therefore, it is the responsibility of colleges and universities to provide the necessary opportunities and constant reminders to students to enable them to understand their needs and take care of their Wellness by implementing the learning appropriately.

With regular and diligent practice, the students will be able to see visible positive changes in their mental health, overall self-development, and Holistic Wellness. 

 Ajay Mahajan & Sadhana Rao

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