Your Holistic Wellness is within your reach.

Our Holistic Wellness is within our reach!

Over time, we have shared many inputs and insights on the importance of mental health and how it affects holistic wellness – through the 8 dimensions of wellness. The crux of the matter is that despite being aware and understanding the various aspects that influence our Holistic Wellness, we still choose to be complacent and defer important actions pertaining to it.  Have we tried to introspect why we adopt this indifferent attitude?

Understanding YOUR Holistic Wellness

Here are a few common examples to understand and reflect on the impact of our attitude towards our Holistic Wellness. We will deal with each of the 8 dimensions of our Holistic Wellness.

Physical Wellness

Most of us complain that time is a constraint. However, what can be more important than life and good health? Whether it is mental health or physical health, there is no scope for compromise.

For e.g., if we encounter any unusual pain, it is wise to seek medical help and be proactive. However, in most cases, we choose to pop in pills to address it superficially rather than its root cause. We may think it is just a fleeting one. Who knows, maybe it is a warning sign of something big looming ahead.

Emotional Wellness

Similarly, if we face any stress or situation, that we are unable to handle, we should share it with anyone we are comfortable with. In our society, talking about or sharing personal problems is seldom encouraged. We are more concerned about what people or society will think about us rather than focus on resolving the problem at hand.

It is perfectly all right to accept that we are facing a problem and we are not okay. At times, we all dwell in denial mode. When denial turns to acceptance, things get a little simpler. Acceptance will help us clear the cobwebs in our minds and force us to take action in the right direction.

The same problems occur when we grow old. First, we want to deny our age. Gracefully accepting it and the hardships, which come along with it, helps us take corrective action. For e.g. – greying of hair, and using hearing aids, walking sticks, dentures, etc. are common challenges that one tends to deny.

They are all external manifestations, which we want to cover up. This is still acceptable to a certain extent, however, when problems occur within; we still do not want to accept them. That could be very detrimental to our emotions and mental health.

Social Wellness

When we have strained relationships, ego is the main factor, which becomes an obstacle in doing away with the strain. Instead, we wait for the other person to make the first move. We choose to be indifferent thinking it is not so important at that given point in time. Simple actions like a smile, a word of apology, a hug, a pat on the back, etc. could help to overcome the above problems. How often do we do it?

Occupational Wellness

When we are pursuing a career, many people tend to get bored and frustrated due to various reasons. They linger on with the same job, whether they like it or not. In order to ensure that better options or opportunities are available, one needs to take adequate timely steps, or else could result in losing peace of mind.

Financial Wellness

Another common situation we all face is peer pressure or even from the environment, be it students, parents, or even at our workplace. Trying to combat this pressure, may force us to spend more than what is affordable. This leads to immense mental pressure. Over a prolonged period, should the same trend continue, it may have many undesirable and perilous consequences. An unnecessary financial drain leads to financial strain and subsequently emotional strain as well.

Environmental Wellness

At times, we are unable to understand our interaction and relationship with nature. Sometimes, our actions – may be knowingly or unknowingly, could lead to disaster. For e.g., if we regularly continue to waste electricity or water either at home or wherever we spend most of the day, it will definitely result in its shortage.

In many cities in India, we have been facing an acute shortage of both these vital resources, and even today, in many homes, both are available in meagre quantities and life is a major struggle. These affect mental health and wellness.

Unfortunately, those who get both these resources in abundance would not value them.

We are just talking about only these two resources, however, there may be a shortage of many other resources, and we may not even be aware of it. Therefore, having awareness of our environment and its repercussions would help us be forearmed and forewarned.

Intellectual Wellness

In our race against time and combat stiff competition, we tend to compromise on our learning and self-development. Isolation and stagnation of the mind can lead to many negative consequences. The famous saying, “An idle man’s mind is a devil’s workshop” is so true.

If we do not keep our mental faculties constantly active and stimulated, it could lead to mental decay. Therefore, it is essential to have a curious mind to learn new things, visit new places, gain knowledge, enhance existing skills, involve oneself in meaningful conversations and interactions, etc.

They help in keeping both the parts of our brain – the logical left and the creative right parts active. Many researchers in this regard, say that by doing all the above, one could live longer, also keep many mental health problems at bay, retain memory for a longer duration, etc.

Spiritual Wellness

If one does not practice the right things in life, be it related to nutrition, sleep, relationships, finances, education, etc. it is bound to cause stress. Because of these problems and their associated stress, one may lose one’s peace of mind.

These days, most of us are resorting to methods, which combine healthy ancient practices and modern medicine. Our attitude, behaviour, the way we handle situations, and deal with people, and qualities like forgiveness, compassion, gratitude, etc. define the level of our peace of mind.

It is not an easy process and one cannot achieve it overnight. However, with long-drawn practice and matured evolution of our minds, constant focus on our overall well-being and of those around us, it will not remain a daunting task.

Manage your Holistic Wellness and take charge of your life!

With renewed thoughts, undeterred focus, strong will, determination, and planned implementation in each of the above areas, you will be on the path to achieving your Holistic Wellness.

Therefore, dear friends, your life, and your wellness are in your hands. Take over the reins of your life, achieve what you want to achieve, to the levels you want to achieve, and spread the wave of wellness to the world!

 Ajay Mahajan & Sadhana Rao

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