Personal Wellbeing – 11. Reclaiming Your Edge: A Cheetah’s Wisdom on Wellness

Personal Wellbeing Series - Article 11

Once, you were a cheetah, the epitome of speed and precision, hunting for big game in the vast savannah. But life has its twists and turns, and now the thrill of the hunt is a distant memory. The roles have shifted, and soon, if you’re not careful, you might find yourself becoming the game. This is a reminder to get back your sharp edge, to rediscover the instincts that made you a formidable hunter, and to understand where the weak links lie. Rediscover the thrill of the hunt—the hunt for your own wellness.

Your wellness is not just a luxury; it’s your lifeline. In this article, we delve into the profound metaphor of a cheetah’s journey, exploring how reclaiming your edge is not just a choice but a necessity for a fulfilling and healthy life.

The Cheetah’s Hunt

·         Precision and Speed

The cheetah, with its sleek body and powerful legs, epitomizes precision and speed. Every movement is deliberate, and every stride propels it forward with a purpose. As you navigate the challenges of life, remember the importance of precision—making conscious choices—and the speed with which you adapt and move forward.

·         Focus and Intuition

The cheetah’s eyes lock onto its prey, its focus unwavering. Intuition guides its every move, allowing it to anticipate the prey’s actions. Similarly, in life, maintaining focus and trusting your intuition are crucial. Know what you’re hunting for, whether it’s a goal, a purpose, or a state of wellbeing.

·         Adaptability

The savannah is ever-changing, and the cheetah adapts swiftly to its environment. Life, too, throws curveballs, and your ability to adapt determines your survival. Embrace change, learn from it, and let it sharpen your skills rather than hinder your progress.

Forgetting the Hunt

·         The Erosion of Instincts

Over time, as priorities shift and life’s demands take center stage, the hunting instincts that once defined your actions might erode. The precision and speed you once possessed may give way to a lethargic pace, and the focus that guided your pursuits may blur.

·         Becoming the Game

Life’s challenges, stressors, and neglect of your wellbeing can turn the tables. You may find yourself becoming the hunted rather than the hunter. Your physical and mental sharpness might diminish, and the once-clear path to your goals may be obscured.

·         The Warning Signs

Just as the savannah holds warnings for the cheetah—a rustle in the grass, a distant growl—your body and mind send signals when your wellness is at risk. Ignoring these signs is akin to voluntarily stepping into the role of the game.

Rediscovering Your Edge

·         Self-Awareness

The journey back to reclaiming your edge starts with self-awareness. Reflect on the changes in your life, the moments when you started neglecting your wellness, and the impact it has had on your physical and mental state.

·         Reconnecting with Your Instincts

Your instincts are not lost; they might just be dormant. Reconnect with your inner cheetah—rediscover the desires that fueled your pursuits, the passions that made your heart race, and the goals that once felt like prey to be hunted.

·         Mindfulness and Presence

Like the cheetah’s focus on its prey, mindfulness brings you into the present moment. It helps you appreciate the nuances of life, recognize the warning signs, and make choices with precision and clarity.

Identifying Weak Links

·         Physical Wellbeing

The cheetah’s strength lies in its physical prowess. Similarly, your physical health is the cornerstone of overall wellness. Identify weak links, such as a sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition, or lack of sleep, and strengthen them with regular exercise, a balanced diet, and sufficient rest.

·         Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

Mental and emotional strength is your shield against life’s challenges. Identify weak links such as chronic stress, unaddressed emotions, or a lack of coping mechanisms. Strengthen them with practices like meditation, therapy, and fostering healthy emotional connections.

·         Social Wellbeing

The cheetah thrives within its pack, and so do you within your social circles. Identify weak links such as isolation, toxic relationships, or a lack of meaningful connections. Strengthen them by nurturing positive relationships, engaging with your community, and fostering a sense of belonging.

·         Environmental Wellbeing

Your environment shapes your overall health. Identify weak links such as exposure to pollutants, lack of access to green spaces, or a stressful living environment. Strengthen them by adopting sustainable practices, creating a positive living space, and connecting with nature.

·         Occupational Wellbeing

The cheetah’s hunt is its occupation, and yours deserves equal attention. Identify weak links such as job dissatisfaction, a lack of work-life balance, or unfulfilled professional goals. Strengthen them by seeking a fulfilling career, establishing boundaries, and pursuing professional growth.

·         Financial Wellbeing

The cheetah is known for its incredible speed and precision. It’s a hunter that relies on these qualities to catch its prey efficiently. Similarly, in the context of financial stability, speed and precision are metaphors for financial agility and well-thought-out financial decisions. Identify weak links such as poor financial management, excessive debt, or lack of savings. Strengthen them by creating a budget, saving for the future, and making informed financial decisions.

·         Intellectual Wellbeing

The cheetah’s sharp mind aids its hunt. Similarly, your intellectual wellbeing is vital. Identify weak links such as stagnation, lack of intellectual challenges, or disinterest in continuous learning. Strengthen them by pursuing knowledge, setting learning goals, and staying intellectually engaged.

·         Spiritual Wellbeing

The cheetah’s spirit lies in the wild, and your spiritual wellbeing is your connection to something greater. Identify weak links such as a lack of purpose, disconnection from your beliefs, or a sense of inner emptiness. Strengthen them by exploring your spirituality, practicing mindfulness, and aligning with your values.

The Lifeline of Wellness

·         A Proactive Approach

Reclaiming your edge is a proactive endeavor. Rather than waiting for the weaknesses to become pronounced, address them before they compromise your overall wellness. Prevention is not only more effective but also less challenging than reversing the effects of neglect.

·         Consistency and Commitment

The cheetah’s hunt is not a one-time event; it’s a continuous commitment to survival. Similarly, reclaiming and maintaining your edge requires consistency. Cultivate habits that support your wellbeing, and commit to the journey of self-discovery and growth.

·         Seeking Support

Just as the cheetah relies on its pack, seek support on your journey to reclaiming your edge. Whether it’s through friendships, family, or professional guidance, surround yourself with a network that encourages your wellbeing.

·         Adaptability

The cheetah adapts to the changing landscape of the savannah. Likewise, be adaptable in your approach to wellness. Life is dynamic, and your strategies for reclaiming your edge may need adjustments along the way.

Don’t Become the Game

·         The Consequences of Neglect

Ignoring the warning signs and neglecting your wellness comes with consequences. You risk losing the sharpness that once defined you, and the role of the hunted might become your reality.

·         Regret and Missed Opportunities

The regret of not prioritizing your wellness can be profound. The missed opportunities for growth, joy, and fulfillment can accumulate, creating a gap between the life you desire and the one you settle for.

·         The Transformative Power of Wellness

On the flip side, prioritizing your wellness is transformative. It revitalizes your energy, sharpens your focus, and positions you once again as the hunter rather than the hunted. The journey is not just about survival; it’s about thriving in every aspect of your life.


In the grand tapestry of life, the metaphor of the cheetah serves as a poignant reminder: you were once a formidable hunter, and you can be one again. Reclaiming your edge is not a luxury; it’s your lifeline. Don’t ignore the warning signs, and don’t let yourself become the game. Precision, focus, adaptability—these are the tools that will guide you back to a life of vitality and purpose. Embrace the challenge, sharpen your instincts, and rediscover the thrill of the hunt—the hunt for your own wellness.

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