Discovering Wellness (Episode 11) – Harnessing technology to foster employee well-being, health and happiness.

Discovering Wellness - Episode 11 - Cover

In the 11th episode of “Discovering Wellness,” we engage in a fascinating conversation with Chayan Pant – Associate Director – Cognizant, US Healthcare Payer, where we explore the vital role of apps in bringing wellness into mainstream urban life.

Chayan sheds light on how these apps have revolutionized access to well-being resources and health experts, empowering individuals to take charge of their wellness journey. However, he also delves into the potential pitfalls of app usage, as users can sometimes deceive themselves into thinking they are prioritizing their wellness without truly engaging in meaningful practices.

Surprisingly, Chayan highlights that despite having smartphones, rural youth face unique challenges in adopting wellness practices, making them susceptible to missing out on the benefits of these technological advancements.

Furthermore, he emphasizes the importance of companies embracing technology to provide their employees with greater access to health experts and resources. This tech-enabled approach can significantly enhance employee well-being and create a more thriving and productive work environment.

Join us for this eye-opening episode of “Discovering Wellness” as we explore the impact of apps on mainstream urban wellness, the potential traps of self-deception, and the challenges faced by rural youth.

Gain valuable insights on how technology can be harnessed to foster well-being and support employees’ overall health and happiness. Get ready to unlock the true potential of technology in the pursuit of wellness for all.

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