Discovering Wellness (Episode 07) – Measuring human capital and its significance in creating thriving organizations.

Discovering Wellness - Episode 07


In the seventh episode of “Discovering Wellness,” we engage in an enlightening conversation with David Simmonds, Chairman-HCM Metrics Freeman-Guild of HR Professionals. Join us as we explore the power of measuring human capital and its impact on HR leaders’ presence in the boardrooms.

David reveals how organizations can leverage ISO certification on multiple parameters, up to 60, to make every aspect of personnel well-being predictable. This comprehensive approach to measuring human capital not only enhances employee well-being but also leads to a remarkable increase in profitability, as documented in a recent Gallup survey, with organizations experiencing a whopping 3x growth.

Discover the practical strategies and insights shared by David as he highlights the importance of measuring human capital and its role in driving organizational success. Gain a deeper understanding of how HR leaders can leverage this approach to elevate their influence and impact within the boardrooms.

Join us for this thought-provoking episode of “Discovering Wellness” as we delve into the realm of measuring human capital and its significance in creating thriving organizations. Uncover the potential for increased profitability and predictable well-being by implementing comprehensive measurement strategies. Get ready to unlock new possibilities and discover the transformative power of measuring human capital.

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