Discovering Wellness (Episode 02) – Exploring the impact of wellness and stress issues on productivity

Discovering Wellness - Episode 02


In the second episode of “Discovering Wellness,” we have a captivating conversation with Amar Pathak, the Head of Learning and Development at Viraj Profiles Limited. Join us as we explore the impact of wellness and stress issues on productivity, not only in the manufacturing industry but across various sectors as well.

Amar brings his expertise to the table, shedding light on the challenges faced by organizations when it comes to employee wellness and how it directly affects productivity. Drawing from a compelling case study, we learn about the remarkable benefits of establishing long-term partnerships with organizations that prioritize employee well-being.

Furthermore, Amar generously shares three terrific tips on integrating wellness into corporate culture. These practical insights provide valuable guidance for organizations seeking to create a workplace environment that supports the holistic well-being of their employees.

Whether you are an executive in the manufacturing industry or part of any other sector, this episode of “Discovering Wellness” offers invaluable insights into the relationship between wellness, stress, and productivity.

Join us as we uncover strategies for integrating wellness into corporate culture and gain inspiration from real-life success stories.

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