Month: December 2022

Leadership FAQ's #01
EAP - Leadership FAQ's

Employee Wellness: Reducing Turnover – Boosting Retention & Happiness

How can Employee Wellness Programs contribute to employee retention and reduce turnover rates? Employee retention is a critical challenge for organizations across all industries. High employee turnover rates can have significant financial and organizational impacts, including increased recruitment and training costs, decreased productivity, and reduced employee morale. Therefore, companies are continually exploring new ways to […]

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The link between Physical activity & mental well-being
Employee Wellness

The link between physical activity and mental well-being.

The link between physical activity and mental well-being is well-established. Engaging in regular physical activity has been shown to have a positive impact on mental health, reducing the risk of depression, anxiety, and stress. In this article, we will explore the scientific evidence behind the connection between physical activity and mental well-being, the benefits of […]

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